Friday, April 8, 2011

HIghlights of the day.

As our wonderful Rebecca Black assures us we "gotta get down" on Friday. I'm such a disobedient Friday-er. On this blog only grammar goes down.

I've just gotten back home after 17 hours out. Without any break, except the time I spend in public transportation (which can be described as anything but relax). 17 hours of constant working either at school, choir rehearsal or at work. And I'm just exhausted. So no proper content today. Let's blog bloggily.

This weird thing happened to me this morning. I was crossing the street and an elderly woman stopped me abruptly. To my surprise she asked me what day the of the week it is, and I went totally blank. I took 10 seconds to respond that in my opinion it's Friday, but I don't think I sounded positive. I need to think about days of the week more soberly, really... because what a weirdo wouldn't know that? But then again, how often are you asked about a thing like that in the street, by a stranger?! Maybe when you're at the dentist's or post office, but it's always something like "It's Friday today, isn't it?". Nevertheless, I don't know what's more bizarre, asking strangers about the day of the week or the fact that they don't know.

After that I went to my ethics class (late as always). We talked about Immanuel Kant, with whom I generally do not agree, however he has his own finger puppet! (nerd euphoria)

Do you know all these movies where a character always stumbles on a banana peel? I thought it was the domain of slapstick comedies only and I didn't think anyone could actually stumble on one. But... I managed. No joke.

The wind is crazy here. As I mentioned earlier I sort of live in a tower so I hear the wind from all of the four sides and as a matter of fact, I am a bit afraid the walls are going to collapse. And I was wise enough not to take a hat today, oh, how my ears are grateful for that.
(I just looked through According to them "wind will be generally light". Suck out, meteorologists!)

I think it might be wise to go to sleep now. My brain just feels like a prune. Talk to you tomorrow!

Song of the day: Edelweiss from The Sound Of Music

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