Tuesday, April 12, 2011

I would be excellent at Hogwarts.

Oh my gosh, I am actually blogging at 7 PM instead of 11.30. That's new. It's still daylight. Weird thing.
I'm blogging this early only because I took a day off (which I'm not allowed to by the way) to repair this monstrous sleeping situation that was going on here. My headache disappeared and my mind reacts normally to an idea of some chocolate milk again. I figured out what was wrong with yesterday - I haven't had any coffee that day. Suddenly everything is so clear.
 So I spend today doing some math exercises, reading and worshipping. And had some of that chocolate milk.

So I want to talk about motivation a bit. There are people who can do many things just for the sake of doing them or accomplishing them or a need for them. Like for example:
Let's make some pizza because making it is fun.
Let's make some pizza because I've never made it before.
Let's make some pizza because I'm hungry.

I'm personally very jealous of this practical attitude. You've got some homework? Fine, let's do it because you have to do it.
However there is this other group of people. People who need to be stimulated all the time and who have to come up with new motivation ideas all the time, every time more extreme or bizarre. I am one of these people.

Of course there are things which  purpose for doing (? Grammar fairy needed!) is for me obvious, I don't even have to think about it. But then again, when we're dealing with things we don't enjoy doing (or we wish we enjoyed doing) it's harder to find inspiration every following time.

As Harry Potter-obsessed as I am, I used to find inspiration in this world. So whenever I feel like going to sleep I tell myself : "Hermione would make you study now!", I imagine Hermione standing just beside my desk telling me "Get a grip, girl, do you want to fail at your OWLs?!". And I go on.
Or two weeks ago when I lost my essay for French I was to hand in the following day. I was so angry about losing it, because I actually devoted a lot of time to it I was going to get an F and just not care about that. But then I remembered about how Henry was rewriting his lost essay in Knightley Academy and that was the trigger for me to do this.

It's not only with working, but work is just this thing I often I wish I enjoyed doing so I have to motivate myself more.
But when I want something to eat and am to lazy to be bothered with cooking, I tell myself to be like Julia Child or when I'm afraid to try something new to eat I remind myself of how Mike Lombardo eats his Mac 'n Cheese with  lemon yoghurt (I don't judge you Mike. But that's gross).

Do you have this thing? It's pretty interesting actually, it's like moving my life to the whole new level. Except that... I deeply believe that if lived on these levels I would actually SUCCEED. I know I would.
So I tell myself that studying chemistry is just like studying for a Potions class. But then I suck at chemistry. And I always imagine I'm excellent at all the Hogwarts subject! I know I would be, I just waste my potential here! So yes, basically now I'm imagining all the staff room conspiracy theories to ground me here, because I'm not prepared to face the possibility that maybe I'd suck at Potions. Let's not think about that.

Song of the day: This Isn't Hogwarts - Hank Green
This song's everything I feel right now.

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  1. Grammar fairy: Best reconstruction would be: Of course, the purpose of some things is so obvious to me that I don't even have to think about it.

    I love the Harry Potter studying methods! I'm going to steal the Hermione one, it's completely brilliant. :)