Saturday, April 16, 2011

Lavender, Brown... (is annoying!)

Quick entry today as it's almost midnight, I've just gotten back home (I left after 6 AM. No comments.) and tomorrow I'm going on a trip with two of my good friends and I have to get up early. So as I can always find plenty of things to list that so far have been unlisted, let's list some colors. I've never listed colors.

Green is for the favorite. I've never really felt at home if there weren't any trees around. I love the grass, I love the leaves, the grasshoppers and all the sounds that come along. The scent of freshly cut grass. It is also the color of the significant content of my wardrobe, my eyes and Harry's eyes.

Lavender is for lavender. And the south of France where the climate is gorgeous, coasts and beaches are gorgeous and where Johnny Depp lives. In one word, everything is gorgeous.

Red is for red lipstick my grandma wears in an old black-and-white photograph where her red lips are the only colored thing.

Yellow is for corn. Because right now I'm psychic about corn. Thank you, John Green.

Orange is for my hair. Unsatisfying. Disappointing. Annoying.

Blue is for Atlantis in the heart of the ocean I wish I could dive into, but all this snorkeling gear is just so climatic. And there isn't really anyone to blaze the trail.

Black is for a noteworthy part of my junior high school self. I've had my gothic moments. Thank God that's over.

White is for milk because milk is awesome. And of course for Edward Cullen's chest.

Silver is for a Beanie Baby cat named Silver.

Purple is for a lovely skirt I saw the other day in Zara.

Gold is for Neil Young and his Heart of Gold.

Grey/gray is for squirrels in Central Park and for my love for the two spellings possible.

Pink is for blatant sticky notes I use to mark quotes in books (they're pretty ugly to be honest).

Brown is a tough choice between coffee and chocolate. Shall we combine the two? The result would bring us to a very nice coffee house where they serve morning cappuccino with a hot chocolate muffin with syrup.

Being as musically-inclined and over-thinking as I am I've formulated a theory some time ago. It's about the relationship between colors and musical keys. I strongly believe that the way something sounds can remind us of colors. For example - for me G-minor sounds like bottle green and A-major like amber. My piano teacher told me I was insane when I told her this. But I'm pretty convinced there must be something there.

Song of the day: Heart of Gold - Neil Young


  1. Lavender Brown is not a crayon? That's what I always think of when I see her name. Did you ever read the Amber Brown books? I used to love them! Amber Brown made a lot more sense as a color than Lavender Brown does, though. :P And your mocha cappuccino idea sounds about perfect right now!

  2. Yes, I remember "Amber Brown is not a crayon"! I didn't like the books too much but I liked the illustrations. And "Lavender Brown is annoying" is a joke Hayleyghoover once made in a video about YT/HP references :)