Monday, April 4, 2011

On procrastination and distractions.

How about getting some work done, huh?

Nothing hard. We've been doing this for a while, haven't we? So this is how we do this:
First let's make a plan. We'll need a notebook for that. I think I saw one somewhere around the window sill. Is it there? No it isn't, but this new CD that I've gotten recently definitely is. Let's listen to some music, this won't do any harm. Too bad the music is so danceable ... But hey, energetic worker is a good worker! Enough with it, let's get this notebook. I actually can't find it, but that's because everything's such a mess here! A bit of tidying up... Okay, I've got it. Let's start working.

"To do":
-physics assignment
-French, exercise 3 and 4
-study for history test
Wait, I should make some subpoints here. I'll study chapters 12-14 in the morning, then 15-18 in the afternoon and then great revision in the evening.

I'm actually very tired by this working. Let's have some rest. Oh, new issue of Newsweek, always comes in handy.

Now, let's get down to business. Maybe we can skip the history part. I really really need to study for my SAT. Wordlists and those things. But you know what's even better for studying than a wordlist? How about some good book? Expanding your vocabulary and so on. Reading is smart!

No, but seriously. This economics paper. Let's open the computer, new document, here we go.
I've checked my mailbox today, haven't I? Let's just make sure... Youtube service mailed me about three hundred times, there must be something going on there. That will take just a second. Unless... Ooops, now we're screwed. We're seriously, seriously screwed. Wait, no more videos?! Refresh! Refresh!

I'm so glad the evening came at last, I finally get to watch some Doctor Who. No, I'm not procrastinating! That was included in the plan, I told myself earlier that if I got everything done I would watch an episode in the evening. This is the evening!

But actually those three tests don't make tomorrow a day worthy of going to school. I mean, I totally would, but can we just stay home instead?

And here I am. Hating every second of the time I've wasted. Because, really, I've got work to do.

I am this person who also compiles lists of goals for self-improvement. So I have one for April. This way it just works better because I feel somewhat obliged to report my successes in that field on here so maybe I will feel to proud to be this stinky procrastinator (probably not). But that's why I issue you to give me a reprimand for procrastinating every time I fail!

Goals for self-improvement:
1) Be less distracted.
2) Procrastinate less.

I have no idea how you can be less distracted. I would probably have to be closed up in a cell or something.


Song of the day: Stupid for you - Marie Digby

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  1. I realized that it is much easier for me to focus on my work when I don't switch the computer on. What? It helps me? Internet makes life easier? That's a lame excuse. No.

    Books? If they aren't within my reach, they don't tempt so much xD