Monday, April 25, 2011

Places I've Been: Part II

Odense - a beautiful place in Denmark where I went for the Hans Christian Andersen festival (I was dancing in a ballet based on one of his fairytales). What I loved so much about it was the rain. It rained every single day, the streets were hiding behind the fog, the actual city reflecting in puddles my friends splashed with such eagerness. Except for that - awesome Danish friends I've made, Elisabeth and her family (they had a trampoline in their garden!) and my friend Marta with whom I lived and with whom I lost touch and whom I miss.

Vermont - my uncle tried to teach me how to ski. He failed miserably. NEVER ever ever again am I going to touch ski. I also remember a charming chalet where I shared room with my cousin and her friend (now I start to wonder if she too wasn't a cousin or someone of the sort. Good to know your family.) and a lot of beer-drinking involved in the CAR RIDE (hey, I don't have to explain myself, I was 6).

Warsaw - I think I like this city because everybody hates it. Many say that it doesn't deserve being the capital of Poland. I am not a specialist, the places I know best are the underground and the train station - oh, this one is precious, believe me (NOT)- because when I'm there I usually don't do anything but rush to immediately see my friends. But I thoroughly explored the old part of the city, all the Coffee Heavens on the way involved, the museum of Frederick Chopin and the beautiful palace of Wilanow. There are places that you can can't describe by any word but ugly. And the places that no one really cares about. But then again, that's the city that some can't imagine living without.

Brussels - the most incredible mixture of people, languages and cultural differences that made an excellent formation, molded together. New York is diversity, Brussels is symbiosis.

Saint Malo - it's not fair because St. Malo is so incredibly beautiful and the first memory that comes to my mind is the apocalyptic sun, my pained body and my cavernous desire for a bath in sour cream. I spent my 17th birthday there with Aurore, Muriel, Marta and Anne-Laure and it was so hot we were remarkably confused as to what was going on (probably that's the reason why we noticed that the see was like 100 meters closer than it had been before only when we actually got wet).

Riva del Garda - I was there with my choir. Actually, we were making our way from the trip to Venice, back to Levico Terme where we stayed, and noticed a village so beautiful that our conductor said we had to stop there for an hour. Formidable view of the mountains over the magnificently blue lake and a harbor, perfect in any way a harbor can be perfect... The village was inhabited mainly by locals, but it still was more of a vacation spot than a tourist site. And the unpleasant thing about beautiful places is that they are either swamped with tourists or, if they're not, local people look at you with irritation. The best thing about Riva del Garda was that everybody was going on with their lives, not paying attention to tourists. That way we felt the whole entirety of local colors, everything seemed like it was just a little italian village, not the omg-the-creme-de-la-creme-spot-for-vacation.

Song of the day: Anchors Away - Sara Bareilles

I know, I recently have listened to her a lot.

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