Thursday, April 7, 2011

Reasons to be happy and whatnot.

Seven heaven and all that. I've been either smiling or laughing or jumping excitedly, ALL THE TIME today. I do not have any reason, or maybe not a one I would be fully aware of. Apparently it is against all the logical implications, that I can't get over my silly blissfulness today. So I am thinking what is so special about today that I am so blessed to joy in it, to the deepest meaning of this word?  Melinda comes out with explanations from time to time, this is an installment of one of her series. Reasons to be happy:

1. It's beautiful outside, sun is shining, the wind is balancing between warm and chilly, but nevertheless it's time for tennis shoes again.

2. I am happy to be in the position that allows to me to join in a conversation whenever I want and to quit it whenever it's not comfortable anymore. I am grateful that I'm not afraid to talk to people on the streets, I am grateful for new acquaintances I made at the bus stop and in the queue in the pharmacy. Because nothing unifies as much as waiting together.

3. I've had a hell lot of work in school today. Which means that it won't get worse, will it? I am happy that I screwed up the biology test because it's such a relief those things are behind me.

4. I am happy I'm ready to do things I'm not good at. Just for fun.

5. I am even happy to go to work tomorrow, as after 7 months of my work or so I finally see the effects.

6. I am happy for my choir rehearsal tomorrow, nothing builds up as much as joying in singing together with some talented people.

7. I might even have dinner with those talented people. That might be either Vegetarian Diner or Pancake Square. Either way it's tempting.

8. I might be hearing about my friends going to be engaged soon. I am happy.

9. I am happy because I've got so much to keep my mind occupied (like 18th birthday party, BANG)

10. I've got Knightley Academy contest to be drooling enthusiastically about even though there is no means I'm able to do that anyway. But just a mere thought makes me ecstatic.

11. I am grateful that I have eyes to see God's creation, that I have ears to hear all of His children giving Him praise and that I have lips to taste the rain that I pray to be the rain of enlightenment. 

12. I am grateful for living in a tower (seriously, I live in a tower). The wind blows the heck out of this place but the birds have their nest just above the roof. I am glad that their singing don't annoy me yet. Can you imagine a better way to start the day than hearing this singing?

13. I am grateful that I have people who want all the best for me.

14. I am grateful for my daily dose of chocolate milk tomorrow.

15. I am happy that my mind is created to think abstractly. That I can think of impossible. 

16. I am happy we've had Ivan The Terrible in my history class today. The guy was awesome (meaning his psychological complexity. Probably not in any other way.)

17. I am happy that I learn how to use words every day, hoping that one day I can handle them properly. I am happy to plan on using the words to confess my love to someone. Although I'm pretty sure it will turn out other way anyway which is as always.

I gotta go. Just have to dance around or something. Tomorrow's Friday, Friday! (I still can't get over this song, I just can't let go).  

Song of the day: Unfinished - Ana Free

Oh, and I'm happy because I've got a brand new jam-packed "to do" list for Saturday! Yay!

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  1. I am so happy that you are happy! :) It lately struck me that optimists are such a rare sight. I'm trying to be one, and I'm delighted you do, too!