Saturday, April 30, 2011


Aaand April is over! I am astounded at how quickly it passed, it feels like we were only halfway through or so. In fact I wish I could repeat April over and over again and I could even struggle with daily blogs as long as May doesn't come. Because as much as I gather, it is going to be truly a hell month.
Okay, right now it feels fabulous to have a 9 days-long spring break (I know that people over in the U.S. finish they semesters in college. Well, I'm only at the spring break phase right now). But this time will pass as quickly as April did and then come the most stressful 5 weeks of my entire high school career. No kidding. Entire high school career.
There are people who start stressing over a thing when the actual thing comes. There are people for whom the stress turns into productivity. I'm neither the former nor the latter.

But I am not going to describe the state of my stressed-out inwards, you can watch some Baby TV at 3 AM, that's about as psychic as that. Instead, I am going to share some reflections on BEDA.

There has been a lot of discussion about it throughout this month. The question is: does quantity win over quality and is BEDA simply pushing out junk?
I used to be of opinion "less but better" pretty much my entire life. This attitude changed this November when I attempted NaNoWriMo. Of course I can write now, tomorrow, next week. I enjoy writing regardless of what month it actually is. The thing though is that I don't. Nota bene, I haven't touched my novel since I sent it for the word count check on November 30th. I did like writing it although the final piece was terrible. The thing is that I had the project to push me and it was my dignity to be hurt if I didn't complete it. And sure it wasn't Pulitzer writing, but I know that if I hadn't forced myself to sit in front of the screen for several hours a day I would have never gotten those few really good passages.

The same thing applies to BEDA/VEDA or any other daily videos project. The whole project is a wonderful idea, but we have to remember that the quality simply cannot be as high as if we weren't pressed for time and squeezing blogging in between everything else. And the quality will eventually go down, but all the same, amazing things can come out. Of course there are people who say that they can, let's say, write only when they feel the inspiration and this you cannot predict. But they can't say that working during fixed hours cannot be the solution. When you're sitting like this you simply have to write something and sometimes it will be utter crap. But sometimes you might open the floodgates up and get to the most amazing things.

I think that the reason so much junk is pushed on the internet in the month of April is because people cannot asses if they actually can do something like that. I definitely wouldn't take up the NaNoWriMo challenge if I knew someone was going to read this, I simply wouldn't have been capable of doing this. If someone wants to make videos just for the sake of making videos, that's wonderful, but he must be aware that he may be losing views, the audience he has might be disappointed with him andwill be unsubscribing if he doesn't have anything to say.
One just has to get measure of it and not be too lazy to actually think of something to say before turning the camera on.

Anyway, I am aware that quantity won over quality here, but I enjoyed it in every respect (not only doing BEDA but also following all the fellow bloggers' progress). I got used to BEDA so much I could do this for the next 30 days. But I won't. Because I think I'm going on an internet rehab.

It's not that I have a huge internet problem, but I do have to immensely cut down on my internet activities  and reschedule a lot in my plan. Because, as I said, these next 5 weeks are going to be evil.
But on the upside, rescheduling means planning and I love planning so I'm throwing myself into it at the moment. Things like the new video selection plan or going on YP only on Saturdays. I am going to write on here though. And maybe we can even do this some other time. How about this August?
Thanks for sticking with me and congratulations if you succeeded at BEDA/VEDA/Script Frenzy.

Song of the day: I Say A Little Prayer - Aretha Franklin

Johnny Durham is posting again! I missed him.

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