Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Ridiculous alphabet.

I love words and I always regret that there are some I don't get to use every day (because sometimes you just want to be taken seriously) so here is a list of some of them marked in red in my dictonary, in books (Roald Dahl outshines everyone here) and some internet discoveries of mine. I hope you'll enjoy them like I do, let's not pretend that we're normal and that we don't get excited by words.

Abibliophobia - the fear of running out of reading material.
Bumbershoot- an umbrella.
Chrysanthemum (because it's just so pretty).
Dringle - to waste time in a lazy manner.
Escritoire - writing desk ("Hey guys, I'm blogging sitting at my escritoire"-that would be just so sophisticated).
Fellmonger - a person who deals in animal skins or hides.
Gobbledegook - pretentious or untelligible jargon, such as that used by officials (but gerrymander is the runner-up here).
Haberdashery - a textile store  (because it's my favorite word).
Izzard- archaic name for the letter Z .
Jejune - lacking interest or significance; dull or insipid; dry; empty.
Knackatory - a souvenir store.
Loggorhoea  - Loquaciousness, talkativeness.
Mammothrept - a child brought up by its grandmother; a spoiled child.
Nincompoop -  a foolish person.
Obambulate - wander about (octopus has been my number one for a long time though).
Polyhistor - a well-educated person; widely learned.
Qualtagh - the first person you meet after leaving your house on some special occasioon (I see this words for the first time and I'm just so phizz-whizzed right now).
Rambunctious - aggressive, hard to control.
Scrumdidlyumptious- extremely delightful (Roald Dahl again).
Tatterdemalion - a person wearing ragged or tattered clothing.
Ugsomeness - loathing; ugliness or the quality of being horrible.
Viscerotonic - sociable, comfortable, easy-going.
Widdershins - in a contrary or counterclockwise direction.
Xesturgy - to polish.
Yestreen - yesterday evening. (from Scottish, but it's so adorable)
Zoilist - a person who takes joy in finding fault.

So I'm going to dringle a bit now - I'll read some of this amazing book "Words and their stories" by  Herbert Sutcliffe and Harold Berman.

Song of the day: Doctor What - Charlie McDonnell

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