Friday, April 22, 2011

This post comes to you in 7 parts.

Part 1.
Apparently I've done a lot of things for the first time since we spoke yesterday. I have:

  • grocery-shopped online with FREE home delivery for the first time (from the internet service of the supermarket. Of course it's nice to go to the store but the online option is great when you have to use public transportation to get home from the supermarket so you can't, for instance, buy a six-pack of water bottles which, in the end, is cheaper or get three bags of cat sand). Plus, they delivered it in boxes, how awesome is that?
  • gotten the following phone call for the first time: "Hello, I'm calling from the customer's service. Unfortunately Cat Sand A is unavailable, can we replace it with Cat Sand B?" (see above)
  • gotten on my roof without using the ladder, for the first time.
  • talked on the phone in English with an official spokesman for the first time and didn't freak out (the bit about not freaking out isn't entirely true. But the point is that I handled the conversation). Also, I just can't wait to see my phone bill for calling to NYC from Europe.
  • eaten kiwis with a fork (instead of a spoon) for the first time. It was okay.
  • gotten sunburnt for the first time this year. I know, it's APRIL. All the red-heads of the world, don't ignore the early-spring sun. It is lethal.  Sun lotions, people!
  • tried to mix strawberry juice with kiwi juice for the first time. It has some potential.
Have you done anything for the first time?

Part 2. 
After Silling said that she tried to relearn Chinese because she completely forgot it and after hearing two Swedish guys talking on the tram today and realizing how little I understand of them talking (I literally could identify only "Vi ska äta grillad kyckling ikväl!" which means "We're going to have grilled chicken tonight!") I decided to dust off my Swedish a bit. It's depressing because I love this language but I don't have anyone to talk to (not that I would be able to actually talk in Swedish) and generally in the avalanche of everything I can't put aside even five minutes a day to relearn it. So that's my new, let's say, daily thing to do.

Part 3.
I probably should relearn the rules of punctuation as well. This blog is entitled "Words and SOME punctuation" but when I created it I didn't imagine how well it would correspond with what it actually is. Seriously, punctuation confuses me more than the relation between train timetables and their actual departures.

Part 4. 
Wild dreams. I hope I'm not the only one having those. Because sometimes they exceed my understanding of absurd. 
So there is me and John Green, traveling on a train looking like a one from the 18th century, somewhere through the snow drifts deep in Russia (for some reason we knew perfectly well that it was in Russia). We're both dressed up in giraffe costumes (pretty epic ones, like Nanalew's ostrich costume) and are making Christmas paper chains. Seriously?!

Part 5. 
Speaking of 18th century... Roslyn, I don't have any photo of my grandparents' house but I found this photo of the neighboring house on our street in that village. Pretty cool. They actually even had black-and-white TV where we used to watch The Bold and the Beautiful and grandma used to get excited over things like Ridge kissing someone-else's wife. TV explains a lot about the way the world works.

Part 6. 
I just read in the newspaper that an average Polish family uses 200 eggs during Easter(!!!).  I must be lowering the statistics a lot, I am going to use, like, 5?

Part 7. 
So tomorrow is the World Book and Copyright Day! What are your plans? 
I personally am going to read the entire day! Therefore I did all my Easter cleaning, shopping, other duties-and-stuff earlier this week so that tomorrow I can hang out in my room, with books, good tea and candy. Sounds like a perfect day to me. 
I am going to be finishing Charles Dickens' "Great Expectations" (which is a reread), maybe start a new book, read some Bible and one medical book I'm wading through. What are you  currently reading?

Greater love has no one than this: to lay down one's life for one's friends.
John 15:13

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