Thursday, July 28, 2011


So this blog post is a way for me to kill two birds with one stone and communicate with my YPO friends as well as make up for my absence around the blogosphere. I really don't feel like explaining myself although that would make an interesting story of some epic conflicts with Russian embassy, epic hearings where I was testifying, epic hotel rooms in Lower Silesia, epic week of dancing dangerously and some pretty epic acts of the Holy Spirit. Let's leave that aside and have a little chat.

Silling - thank you for your sweet postcard! Good luck with LOTR, I really wanted to jump on the bandwagon with you both and take this opportunity to finally face it. But I have too many things to read at the moment... One is certain, SUPERSONIC KNITTING FTW.

Shara - we are so going to meet this fall! Seriously, I will sacrifice my college money to go to Sweden. I'm thinking Malmo for a week or something, then maybe I can stay in Lund with someone from Couch Surfing or any other every-parent's-nightmare-slash-possible-lethal-danger-slash-online-service. E-mail me! Also, I'm excited for you VEDA.

Leo - as above. I'm sure the three of us can hang out somewhere in Germany/Sweden. Or maybe Paris? :) I am really scared of your capitals-memorising skills. (I still haven't started! AAAARGH!). But that's still a challenge!

Alisha - I can't believe that I haven't said hi yet! HI!  It's great to have you in our team now. Also, your intro made me realize how the first response when I meet any Nerdfighter is "You're exactly the way I am". Even though we are all diverse, we have so much in common and I feel the same way every time someone new introduces his/herself.

Kate - it probably would be super weird to meet because we all internet people don't understand the relativism of height. I couldn't believe how short you are because you simply don't look so short. I am 5 ft 9. I bet you can't tell.
In Poland we also had Sesame Street, though it wasn't the same version as the American one. They don't broadcast it anymore, though :(

Toby - I really keep my fingers crossed for your space future! I used to dream to be an astronaut, which I believe I have said before, but I never was clever enough (high school physics really hurt) to make this dream come true. Aaaah, space is AWESOME! I'm sure you'll get up there one day. And that rap was hilarious.

Julie - I'm happy that you're happy to be back in Italy!  Also, that punishment was incredible. How do you know German so well? I don't speak German but I can tell that you're very good at it.

Alison - Pointless facts and pointless skills are pointless but how awesome they are! As Sanne (booksanquills) once said "Skills are cool, let's acquire them!". That's a particularly nerdy statement. But even though I like them I suck at solving Rubik's cube. I'm really really baaaaad. It's a great skill.

Roslyn - where are you? Are you lifeguarding ALL THE TIME? :) I think we should come up with a punishment together. And I swear, I get on that eventually.

I want to discuss Harry Potter with you all. Maybe we could have a HPDH2 movie discussion next week?
E-mail me your addresses and we'll deal with this security intrusion.

Song of the day: Canned Heat - Jamiroquai


  1. HP discussion week might be hard to do because I would NEVER STOP TALKING. I would start, and would never stop ever. And I'm pretty sure we'd all have the same things to say.

  2. Thanks for your help. Your one time help is good for me if you do it over and over it will risk my account banned so please don't do it again. Thanks for you help again.