Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Blog On Fire


I got the Blog on Fire Award from the sweet Nicole (we definitely should talk soon!). I guess I'm allowed to pass it to 5 other bloggers if I post 5 facts about myself.

1. I'm insomniac. The reason that I bring this up first is because it is freakin' 2 in the morning when I type these words. It frustrates me for I know that I have to get up at 5 o'clock and my eyes hurt from uninterrupted eye-page full of letters contact  for a few hours. Now I'm watching some movies. I want to rewatch Doctor Who 5 but something's not working so now I feel only like watching romantic comedies. I watched The Confessions of a Shopaholic (Lord save my soul, I hope college people don't google future students' blogs) and I'm starting Letters To Juliet (edit: why do I even watch those films if I know they're utter crap? ah, right, those happy endings... I just can't help it). I also watched "Bananas" by Woody Allen. I definitely recommend it, but I warn you that it will leave you feeling bitter.
There's actually loads to do in the middle of the night. LIke, clean the apartment, study, plan a trip, respond to all the e-mails, bake cookies for tomorrow morning, paint nails and such. BUT I feel like a burnt tire.

2. My hair color is in fact actually by nature red. That's the question I get asked the most so I respond. I understand why. My hair is just inherently weird.

3. In my childhood I missed out on video games. At some point I played the Sims but that was long before there was any news about later editions. Basically I was so obsessed with Harry Potter that I wanted to play the Sims Abracadabra, not because I was necessarily a fan of games but because it had this one magical word in it. I pretty much played only that in my entire life. I deleted it from my computer when I had so many charms saved that it was eating up all my little Toshiba 1998 laptop's memory. Believe it or not, but being a huge nerd I was never a gamer, I didn't even play Harry Potter games (not until last month when my friend and I got back from the premiere and were so pumped that we couldn't sleep, so we played Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets and I was really excited. But then I got tired of that anyway, so no.) Nerd. But ain't got the littlest gamer's bone in my body.

4. People say that all the flight attendants have this issue with smiling - or not being able to stop smiling. Well, it's not only the thing with the flight attendants. Ballerinas have that too. Since I was a little child I performed on stage, my very first part was a bird in "Cinderella".  And they always told us to keep smiling, no matter what happens, if someone from the audience comes up on the stage (I swear, that happened once. It was a child, but still it was hilarious), if a dancer falls or faints, if a fire breaks up in the theater. Do not stop dancing. Do not stop smiling. Do not smile privately. Do not smile to particular people in the audience or to dancers. Stage it, damn it, stage that smile, Nela.
I guess that shaped me to be who I am right now, I don't stop smiling. I smile while I cry. I smile and laugh hysterically when someone close dies. Many people find this offensive or inappropriate. It's my way of dealing with life.

5. I just spent one of the most wonderful weekends! On Friday I met up with my friends from school and we had a coffee at my place. Then I had a Bible meeting with my brothers and sisters in Christ which lasted till 1 AM. I woke up at 3 AM to catch a train to Warsaw for the YouStars live meet up event. Unfortunately my poor vocabulary lacks the appropriate words to express how awesome this was. Let me just say: !@#$%^&*()_+!!!!!!!!!!!!! That's how awesome it was. I got to hang out with Kristina, Meghan, Cat, Will, Kate, Greg, Jimmy and a ton of terrific Polish people. All the YouTubers talked about their vlogging experience, Jimmy performed, we had some time to just chat and get to know everybody over some drinks and music. The next day the American guests had to complete the Urban Challenge which was about finding places and checking off if the particular challenge was completed. At some point I joined Cat, Will and Kristina who gave up racing for the pleasures of sightseeing and getting the proper and relaxed Warsaw experience. And so, we grabbed our ice-cream and enjoyed the pleasures of souvenir shopping, visiting churches (Will) and grabbing zebras flying in the air (Cat). Then I headed back to the club, but unfortunately I didn't have much time to stay at the after party for I had to catch my train. You can read more on Kristina's blog . Let me just say that it was one of the must fun-packed weekends I've ever had.

And so, I'm giving the award to 5 more people:
1. My lovely friend Skye - a nerdfighter and an aspiring writer who's blogging more frequently than I am.
2. Another lovely friend Julie - she's starting a job in PARIS next semester so she'll have a ton of awesome french stories to tell.
3. Lovely Melinda is lovely - maybe you know her as lifein2011. It's too bad she doesn't write as frequently as she used to... (a subtle suggestion, Melinda :)
4. Aifowy - she is a Polish blogger, but you don't really have to understand the language as what she mainly does is fashion. She posts awesome pictures and even I'm not that much into fashion, looking up the pictures on her blog is a mere pleasure for me.
5.Aimee is attempting BEDA this August so check her out because she's doing great.

Song of the day : High on You - Jimmy Wong


  1. Wow, thank you so much for giving the "award" to me! I'm so flattered! :) And the reason why I'm blogging more frequently is because I was attempting BEDA, but let's just say I decided to change that to BALA (Blog A Lotta August) so I can have a little more leeway...yes, I'm a cheater, I know. :) Regardless, thank you so much!

  2. Thank you soo much for passing on the award :D I loved your facts...your hair is red ?!? but it's dyed now or not ? it looks like of blonde in your videos uhmmm mystery.
    I agree on the smiling thing, we had a massive poster in our dance studio which just said "Always remember to smile" it became a nightmare and I feel exactly like you... it stays in you to the point that you smile during inappropriate situations :S

    Thanks for your comment btw ^_^
    - Julie