Thursday, September 8, 2011

Sweden adventures 101. Weird compartment.

So my epic trip began. I'm still not in Sweden though. Yesterday I took the train to Warsaw and today I am flying to Malmo.

Let me just say that my compartment crew in my train to Warsaw was one of the weirdest I ever travelled with. First there was this girl who sat right next to me who, for one, was texting for the entire trip and, for two, burst into tears every 30 minutes or so. At first I thought she was laughing so hard, but then the guy sitting on the opposite bench and I shared an alarmed look and the situation was pretty uncomfortable because we didn't know how to react. Particularly for me because I was sitting right next to her.
So this guy. He was one of the most bizarre people as well. He  couldn't force a smile throughout the whole trip although I was trying to make him do that (I'm pretty annoying). He remained cold as ice when the baby joined our compartment. I mean, the baby! EVERYONE was "He's so cute!!!"-ing him and the guy was just sitting there, bored and with contempt on his face. He looked kind of like a lizard, but not in a bad way, in a very cool way. O boy, what am I talking about?
In Warsaw I asked him if he could help me with my suitcase to which he responded that I am helpless (gentleman) but when we get off we talked for a while at the train station and we bonded over some things, so that was... weird?
Then, on my other hand was sitting an old dude, gravely, proffesor-like looking who was reading a Harlequin called "The Knight".

Another guy on the opposite bench was playing games on his laptop for the half of the trip and for the other half he was standing in the corridor, sticking his head out of the window screaming! (Titanic "I'm the king of the world!" impression). We were right next to the restaurant car and so there was a lot of people passing whom he wouldn't let pass through.

And the baby was cute. That's it. Of course he travelled with his parents.

Right now I'm in my friend's house in Warsaw. Yesterday we went to the stud where she's training (she's been riding horses for 7 years, she's very impressive) where I watched her make her horse inhale herbs from the "inhalator" (which looked more like a linen sack), clean her horse, ride him. I was totally eaten up by mosquitos and I talked a lot with some pretty cool horses (I particularly fell in love with the dude named McGyver).
Now I'm just hanging out at her house when she had to go to school.

Song of the day: "Head and shoulders knees and toes all belong to Jesus!". I don't know if that's on YT anywhere, but this song has been stuck in my head. Did I tell you that I teach at Sunday school? :) So expect more of those xD

Now, off to Sweden!

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