Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Unearth it I must!

This post is like Voldemort's soul. It comes to you in eight parts.

Part 1. Since I avoid doctors as I can, I really get excited when I get a very accurate medical diagnosis. My eye hurt like listening to Ke$ha, so I went to the eye doctor. He told me "I'm afraid you blink too little" (apparently that's what gets you an eye infection) . All I wanted to say to this was "Hey, I'm a Doctor Who fan" at the same time concocting in my brain a letter to BBC to take Doctor Who down, because look at what the "don't blink" meme has done to me. But looking on the bright side, I finally got a prescription for new glasses. Because a 200$ expense is exactly the kind of joy I'm dreaming of!

Part 2. I finally know what is wrong with "Vicky Christina Barcelona". This movie has been bothering me for a while and I couldn't get why everybody's more excited for a Woody Allen than I am. Until I rewatched it with a resolution "Unearth it I must!" (please, understand, I've seen EVERY SINGLE movie of Allen's and read every single one of his publications, there was no way I could feel so ambiguous about this one). So I did. And I discovered that the characters are extremely badly written! That's really painful for me to write about Allen, but holy mackerel! Can you actually imagine someone with personality like Juan Antonio? I don't think he's coherent in whatever he does, on the one hand all this decadent and self-indulgent outlook, on the other he seems like he does in fact care. For me he's the most dramatic one here, but it's hard to feel for him, 'cause he's just too bland. I wouldn't hold Scarlett Johansson responsible for a terrible impersonation of Christina as it's only one of her numerous wishy-washy roles. But Vicky? Does this girl know first thing about life? It's like she's totally different in the first and second parts of the movie. I can't seem to understand them.

Part 3. It's amazing how I started writing my essay for French some 11 hours ago and everything I've got so far is a rough draft of the introduction and 'premierement' at the beginning of the second paragraph.

Part 4. The other Sunday I had to thumb a ride to get to church. (?! Let me repeat that. ?!!!!!!) The state of my city right now is pure Hellmouth. I got so excited when I saw a bus going from my home neck of the woods to Ogrody, which -you can't know that- is in my case the most desirable place to go in any situation and otherwise it takes an hour and a half to get there. So I walk up to the driver, all psyched that I can minimize my commute to work and ask if that's true what's written on the light board. You know what he says? "Nope. We're kicking off for April Fools' Day". Oh, my life.

Part 5. Tomorrow's gonna be my third attempt at going to school this week. I know that Bible says not to give up. But maybe the question is if God really wants me there. (probably far-fetched interpretation of Biblical teachings. But seriously, every time I try to go my eye is getting worse)

Part 6. I'm entering the last month of high school, to which I can say - I'll be a monkey's uncle if I'm not the happiest among my namesakes (there's only 600 of us so I feel like that's a safe assumption). This was worse than anything. I do appreciate you, school, but please just go away.

Part 7. If there's actually anyone reading this (my bad, I know I'm not consistent :), I could really use your help with planning my best friend's birthday party menu. Right now I've decided only on drinks, which (stolen from my favorite Seattle dork team at Kristina's :) are to be Hunger Games-themed. You can't help everyone drinking, but you can keep your liquor creative. Anyway, so I feel so like bursting-with-responsibility Percy with a P-badge on his chest, also I feel a certain Desperate Housewife- syndrome here, but well... I need to get this menu right! So please, leave your suggestions. I'll probably be grouching about it all throughout April, so no worries. Party menu. BIG TIME.

Part 8. Some other stuff I want to say to some of you:
Melinda - you're lovely and I miss your face
Nicole - I want to hear all about Amsterdam!
Hayley - don't set fire to the rain!
Kathy S - whenever you post the pictures of your husband and you, it's like cute-o-pocalypse happening on the screen :)
Ania - Hunger Games movie discussion soon?

Song of the day: Exile Vilify - The National (sidenote one. I really wanted to get rid of the memories from Sweden connected to this song. And I guess I did, 'cause the only thing I see now is teaching my American friend Theresa the Polish word for "vilify" and her laughter. Sidenote two: if we're talking about TN - I can't believe that Birdy's cover of Terrible Love is the first suggestion on the YouTube search bar. Okay, she is good. But that's not how it should work. Adele/ Bob Dylan - likewise. This is SO not right)

Verse of the day: "My salvation and my honor depend on God; he is my mighty rock, my refuge." Psalm 62:7

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