Tuesday, April 2, 2013

BEDA shouldn't start on a Monday.

For a couple of days I was trying to pretend that BEDA is not approaching, and was quite successful at it. The same time of year two years ago I was dying from jitters dreading April Fools' Day having already made up my mind about writing every day. Surprisingly, I succeeded, so maybe it would be wiser for me not to try again, so that I could say I did BEDA every time I tried it. Just now, in my mind, I was thinking of Miss Rachel who didn't try the baking contest after having her lemon cake win it, but then I realized it was in a book.

Actually, I was just thinking about it today: every once in a while I have a conversation where I say something like: "And then I married this guy that saved my sister from disgrace by paying her boyfriend to marry her... oh, wait, that was Jane Austen". And then I wonder when people comment on how interesting my life is.
Anyway, today the spring term started, and in one of my classes we were supposed to write a short bio for the teacher to have as a reference. I surprisingly listed "journaling" as my hobby, but realized later on that in my mind I probably meant "blogging". See, that's the thing: I do love the idea of journaling. I hate reading my journal entries. I guess the idea that someone else will eventually be reading whatever you've written motivates you to control your haranguing habits. Journaling does not. I do have proof.
Would that mean now that I'm doing BEDA in order to improve the quality of my writing within the journal format? Certainly doesn't seem so when you read today's maudlin post. But, hey.

Verse of the day: He was delivered over to death for our sins and was raised to life for our justification. Romans 4:25

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