Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Feeling asymmetrical.

I love it how different symmetry and asymmetry are. And that's true, I've always loved Vihart's videos and as long as I had an A, would claim that math is my second-favorite subject in school (when I didn't, I felt a little bit more bitter towards it. Because I really really tried and it frustrated me when math was ungrateful of my trying). But I'm talking more about movements. Just mere looking at how symmetrical  a shape is can of course evoke emotions, and you get that nervous-rendering feeling that something is off, when the shape is not symmetrical, but sometimes the differences are minute or it doesn't concern you that much if they're not. But with movement, it relates to your own body and it does affect how you feel. I realized it just today and it truly baffles me.
Just the mere fact that standing in a symmetrical position makes you feel more balanced emotionally (like actually. I don't mean in in any New Age spirituality crap. If feels just like that moment when you're having a lemonade and watch a Target haul on Youtube. Or is it just me?).  I feel like this past week especially I've been doing a really substandard job at keeping myself symmetrical; every time I try to get something done the inner voice tells me to go to the farcically expensive campus store to get a jar of kosher pickles. Afterwards I just eat the entire jar right away, usually making it in time of an average tea-making. I don't know what it is that makes me do that, I guess I finally have proof that those female hormones are real. Super asymmetrical. Alarming even I dare say.

There is another observation I made today, but it may be controversial. It seems to me that at least 65% who say "I'll shoot you an e-mail about it " NEVER EVER do so (also, 60% of statistics is made up). However, that's not the gist of my observation, since it was part of my experience at least since my sociology teacher in high school. The new impression from today is that people who are in the process of sending you an e-mail virtually the moment when you're talking to them, end up sending you the message twice. This situation happens to me way too many times, its nadir being today when I got three e-mails from the Financial Aid office, all sent at the same minute, notably: when I was there. Oh well, I guess it's better to have a duplicate (and a duplicate of the duplicate too), than being ignored.
It's just weird.

Verse of the day: Let the one who boasts boast in the Lord. 2 Corinthians 10:17

Song of the day: Don't stop - Alexz Johnson

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