Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Crazy crazy August

Since the last blog post I:

- got into my local university (despite the fact that I did really poorly on my high school standardized testing exam that I had to resit in May) for two different majors with no excitement really for any of them and with much uncertainty about which one to choose 
- did an internship at a publishing company, which changed my mind about what kind of education I would need for my dream line of work (basically don't study publishing if you want to go into publishing, which seems like it doesn't make sense but it somehow does)
- decided to major in English, again, although this time in English as a foreign language
- got sick from ice cream on numerous occasions, which sucks because it might mean that I'm lactose intolerant (NOOO!)
- swam in a sea BRIMMING with jellyfish and freaked out only a little bit
- had a friend from the US visiting me in POLAND
- went to Auschwitz for the first time in my life
- spent 16 hours on the train in a 30 hour period of time (personal record)
- ate 3 bags of chips in a 24 hour period (with two friends. Still: personal record)
- did not buy ANY books for the entire month (not sure, but might be a personal record as well) and felt extremely proud of myself
- went out of town to visit a friend with another friend of mine, which was really nice, and ended up watching stupid bridal reality TV and (see above) eating lots of chips for three days
- went on a night-time walk in the old town of Krakow, which was one of the most atmospheric and beautiful night-time walks I've ever had
- had the most frustrating house renovation and just gahhhh stupid stupid house cleaning throughout the entire month is SO EXHAUSTING
- realized that translating work is much harder than it seems
- spent so much money on a dentist that it almost made me physically ill
- failed two read-a-thons because of all this craziness
- lived at my aunt's place petsitting her adorable cat
- got into a very serious money saving mode
- bought bridal magazines for the first time in my life, because

- (best for last) I GOT ENGAGED on August 9th !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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