Wednesday, December 31, 2014

22 things to do before my 22nd birthday

1. Set a wedding date
Much needed.
2. Write a short story
3. Grow something I can eat
It seems like an adult item to have in your kitchen.
4. Build a snowman
This assumes that there will be something to build a snowman with. All there is for me to do is hope and watch the sky.
5. Participate in a read-a-thon
I haven't done that in a while, but it is amazingly exhilarating, especially if it lasts for the entire week.
6. Suspend my city pass and cycle to school and work for a week
It's like I want to do this, but where will I do all of my reading?
7. Go to the botanical garden
My girl Jenifer really wants to go one day, but all I can manage now is to go myself and tell her all about it.
8. Get back behind the wheel
... and thus conquer one of my biggest fears.
9. Go to a wedding expo
Meh. Maybe. It seems like a nerve-wracking experience.
10. Join an academic circle for literature
So that I feel I'm actually doing something worthwhile with my time.
11. Achieve a right and left leg split
I was supposed to have already done this by the end of 2014 (and all the previous years), let's see if that's something that I really want or just a familiar resolution that I've been setting for myself every year.
12. Go to the tram cafe
There is a cafe set up in a TRAM in my city, so definitely that's something to brag about having been to.
13. Go for a run with my fiance
14. Go to the theater
I was lax about cultural events in my city for a while now, mostly because it seemed to me second-rate and very modern, and I'm principally dubious about modern theater. But I'm gonna give it a try.
15. Come up with my thesis topic
It's a start.
16. Get a professional massage
I wanted to do this for a long long time and ever since I started feeling backache about a year and a half ago this desire got REAL. I can't quite justify spending so much money on an appointment that lasts an hour, so this one I'm planning to complete on my birthday.
17. Send a care package to a friend
My best friend just recently moved to London and she'd need some candy for her birthday.
18. Go to the dance workshop
19. Celebrate our 4th anniversary with YourPantsOFFICIAL
Preferably with a dance party.
20. Donate ten books to the library
I've donated quite a few this year, so I don't have a ton of unneeded books left, but I'm sure there are some that are merely taking up space on my shelves.
21. Finish the Respectable Sins study
... it would have been a year that I'm doing this and it's really not a year-long study.
22. Run a half marathon
Haha, this one is mostly to have something demanding that I can aspire to, but I've got a hunch I'll left this one uncrossed off the list. It's not like I haven't thought seriously about the half-marathon in April. But... we'll see if I have enough energy to take up such an onerous task.

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