Tuesday, December 23, 2014

2015 Mount TBR Challenge

Yes, this is happening! I have a lot of backlogged books and I always thought it pointless to own books I haven't read. Then again, it is great to have many books on my shelves to read because I don't have to go and buy books when I want to read something, so really, you could think about my personal library as a bookstore, which for some reason is a more fun way to think.
Honestly, the biggest book challenge I set for myself was to not buy any books in 2015 (what?! impossible! what?!). I do need to cut on my spending quite substantially and my book buying habits definitely do impede my wedding savings. Fortunately, I have a looong list of unread books I own (that will be ongoing until December 31st :), so I don't really have to worry about not having enough books to read while I can't buy new books. As you know, I love turning restrictions into games and I thought that banning myself from buying books sounds much cooler when combined with a mountaineering adventure. Based on the above mentioned list and on the number of books I will have read this year (over 75!) I am able to assume with quite a solid dose of certainty, that I will reach Mount Ararat, or 48 books. I am hopefully going to read more than this; however, I will still be using my library, especially for books I have to read for school, so that will easily make for the rest of the books.
The Mount TBR Challenge was created by Bev from My Reader's Block

Mount Ararat - Turkey

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