Monday, January 16, 2012

Going crazy with the movie list and getting tired after the first description.

Hello lovely readers!
I'm trying to send out positive vibes because I've been acting like a selfish d-bag today and everyone was really kind to me regardless of my pettiness (okay, aside from all the 'Prom is going to be the most splendorous night of your life, you'll ruin it if you don't go' claims. People, get over it.) 
Tomorrow I get a day off! (legitimately, this time :) I'm gonna be studying all day and I'm starting this joyful business SO early, I need to get a good night's sleep. That's why I'm doing  a list, even though I was planning on elaborating on 10 reasons why not to go to prom.
Today, brushing my teeth I was thinking about how I can never answer if somebody asks me about my favorite movie. It's a weird thing, I just can never think of a particular one straight away. Then all those brilliant ones come to my mind when I'm brushing my teeth and I wish I'd had them systematized or something. How about that? (keep in mind that I'm not a huge movie person, I don't watch much so I'll appreciate your suggestions). Seriously. I'm looking forward to reading what you like to watch!

1. Snow Queen - this one is so cheesy. It's a TV family movie (one of those made in two parts, so old school). I first saw it last month, when my head was full of migraine slaying  my consciousness and I decided to watch the TV channel that has the renown of airing crappy USRR movies and American erotic comedies. But, I liked it so much that I bought it as soon as I was done watching it (basically the kind of movie you get for 1 dollar and end up loving to bits). That was one of the very few story adaptations that I enjoyed (especially hard to attain, since the tale has been with me for my entire life), it had the exact  same feel to it as the Andersen's story has. The setting is beautiful, even though Gerda's character reminds Bella Swan's ambiguous face expression a little bit.
2. Lars and the Real Girl
3. Midnight in Paris
4. The Piano
5. Breakfast at Tiffany's
6. Anne of the Green Gables (I know, right? I used to watch it every freakin' Sunday, when I was round twelve)
7. Gone with the Wind
8./9. You've Got Mail & Sleepless in Seattle (I feel like those two need to be put together because of the amazing duet Hanks and Ryan.)
10.Black Swan
11. Atonement
12. Bright Star
13.A Secret Window
14. Storm of the Century
15. A common thread
16. Girl, Interrupted
17. Autumn in New York
18. Hannah and her sisters
19.Edward Scissorhands 
20. September
21.Interiors (such. a. brilliant. one.)
22. Alice
23. The Astronaut's wide
24. What's Eating Gilbert Grape
25. Singin' in the Rain

Song of the day: Forever Yours - Alex Day (the instrumental version has been stuck in my head today)

Verse of the day: So I say, walk by the Spirit, and you will not gratify the desires of the flesh. Galatians 5:16

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  1. Też mam takie samo wrażenie odnośnie filmów. Nigdy nie potrafię podać jednego który lubię najbardziej, bo jest wiele filmów które miały w sobie coś co mnie zauroczyło.
    Ja swoją studniówkę miałam 7. stycznia. Specjalnie się na nią nie szykowałam i nie było to dla mnie nic wielkiego. Tym bardziej, że w odróżnieniu od moich koleżanek nie chodzę na jakieś pożal się Boże "imprezy". Poszłam żeby potańczyć i spędzić trochę czasu ze znajomymi. Poznałam kilka fajnych osób i tyle. I do tej pory nie skomentowałam zachowania kilkunastu osób z klasy bo po prostu szkoda słów. Postawiłam na siebie, a inni niech robią co chcą.
    Ale były też i takie osoby, które nie poszły na studniówkę. Uważam, że to ich sprawa i jeśli nie chcieli iść to należy to uszanować. :)