Monday, January 2, 2012

It-it-it-it's the Spiel of the Day!

It's beautiful how when you're happy it seems like the general worldsuck levels have decreased considerably. That is amazing - if you find a thing that makes you stay sane you pretty much end up having an amazing life. This little fact works the other way round too, unfortunately.Whenever you don't sleep well and you mingle your pills (I guess I mentioned the broken rib? You know what happens if you mistake your night pill for your morning pill? DISASTER HAPPENS. See, I am not even sure if I actually went to my Polish class today. I know I have an entry in my notebook, but I can't remember ANYTHING about it. And now I know why. I took the painkiller that is supposed to make me sleep for at least 12 hours. I wish I was stupid in a more adorable way, not the one that makes you forget stuff. I mean, hey, serial killer, come and invite me to your car, I won't realize what's happening).
So anyway, the first part of today was really crappy. And when I'm in the crappy mood I like to list things that make life even crappier (you know I have this thing for lists. I just adjust this fondness to my hysteria). And even though it's not very much, it made me hate everything so much more. For some reason self-induced hate for things improves your confidence.

One. My school's temperature regulation policy. Because it's (mildly) cold outside, you have to wear a coat. But since it's not like proper January-cold (for my area the typical temperature for January would be -10 degrees C and snow. None of that happening) it's not like you can pull out your winter puffy overlayers for this would not be responsible either, health-wise. So what you do is you get a shirt, a sweater and a coat. When you've gotten rid of the coat, you are perfectly dressed for winter. However, my school decides that since  it's cold outside, they have to cater to our warmth needs. And it is scorching. Our radiators are so old you can't regulate them. So basically you come from outside that makes your lips crack and it's sweltering. People are wearing tank tops and then bring extra shirts, a cardigan and a sweater for outside. I feel it's not long from now, the last string in me is going to break because of the heat. Maybe I'm ill-tempered. But it's you, school who brought me to that.

Two. Is every book meant to be turned into a movie nowadays? I've been wanting to read the Hunger Games for a long time but haven't had the opportunity. Finally I felt I just must do it, because the movie is coming out. Somebody tells me to read Girl With A Dragon Tattoo, and now what, it is being turned into a movie. Yes, it is interesting to see how the book looks shown on the screen.
 But it kills more than it produces.
 What happened to the books written only to be books?
 Isn't it an act of laziness of the producers and seeking the best monetary reward if the books is actually good?
Please don't do that to John Green books. I've already had to watch you do it to so so many good books.

Three. I've been kind of working with one of the once-major political parties in my country. Stuff like collecting money for the foundation of the handicapped. They were nice. Until they came LAST in the election. Now they don't give a damn. I might have a problem with that as well.

Song of the day: Runaway - The National

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  1. Sorry to break it to you, but there is actually a rumor about a movie deal in the works for An Abundance of Katherines. I agree, I wish they would just leave books alone.