Saturday, April 2, 2011

5 facts about me. (* Tina Turner is not my granny)

Hey Nela! Are you running out of ideas on the second day of this project so you figured an oldie goodie YouTube tag will save the day? You suck!

Not really, I have just always regretted that I joined after it was cool to tag people to this. So here it goes:

1.  God is the most important Person to me. I don't know where I would be if He didn't find me and made me one of His children. He is my Life, my Way, my Joy and Father. I can't imagine a day without Him by my side. I am trying to love His Love all the time although I still don't know how to speak of Him the way I feel about Him. I know I said that 'here is where the words recover' but I'm not gonna make you feel uncomfortable. I'm just letting you know that I can't ignore this part of me because it's the most important one.

2. I'm a Gemini. From the fact that number one states I am Christian you would most likely deduce that I don't believe in those things. However sometimes I've a feeling that that's the only word that can fully describe me.
My friend has a teacher who told her "after 6 months working with you I still can't tell what kind of person you are" as an offense (more like a get a grip on yourself, show some personality comment). I'm afraid she would get a migraine after working with ME. She could only sing You're hot, then you're cold; you're yes then you're no... (hate this song).

3. My head is full of dreams but I'm rarely capable of making them into a "thing". I subconsciously think that their realization will come as rain and drench me in its glorious waters. Or maybe I am just a lazyass.  Anyway, if I don't make it as a singer I think I can still be a fork-lift operator.
But seriously guys, how awesome is that job?! (no, but really, I seriously like fork-lifts very very much).

4. When I was a child my grandma and my grandpa lived far away from me and I missed them; other kids were picked up from kindergarten by their grandparents and someone from them always came to the shows for Grandparents Day. So I made up a story. I used to say that my grandmother was... Tina Turner. Yup, that's right (hey, that sounded just like a SAT Question of the Day encouragement comment. Anyone remember one of those? )
The weirdest thing is that... kids in my kindergarten actually bought it. I was the only kid in my group to speak another language so I would take my Mom's cell phone and pretend to be talking to grandma in English. ("You know, it was just Tina. She asks how it's going.") Now that I come to think of it I actually can't remember straightening up this little white lie. You think that they figured it out by know?

5. I've got a very fervid relationship with peanut butter. We complete each other in so many ways. Together we are stouthearted.
We've  been dating for 12 years now; America introduced me to him and he introduced me to a really American way of life. Even now I secretly keep him underneath my bed. Sorry if that sounded dirty to you. First I was against putting our feelings on display like that, but he is just irresistible.

Song of the day: I Still Do - The Cranberries

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  1. Think of what happened if they DIDN'T figure it out :)

    "You know, kids, when I was in kindergarten, like you now, I had a friend who's grandma was Tina Turner..."

    Good luck with BEDA!

    Bogna :*