Sunday, April 10, 2011

Writing by the sunset (excited!)

You know what's beautiful about living in a tower? There are three windows in my room. One gives on east, so I have a nice wake-up, one gives on north and there is a beautiful meadow there; and one gives on west, in which direction I look when I sit at my desk. The setting sun hurts my eyes but the room seems like bathing in the golden sunlight. On the one hand I always say that Sunday should be a day for God and not work so I don't even include Sunday in my weekly planning. But there again on Saturday it turns out that I still have heaps of stuff to do and a plan for Sunday is awfully packed. In the end I didn't get anything done today so feel free to punish me (mentally or I don't know how). The fact is that I've been procrastinating once again but I managed to keep the procrastination levels to zero for the whole week so... be proud of me too.
This is going to be a casual blog post, I just don't feel at a position to think.
So what has been going on in my life? Today's Sunday, I got up, went to church, got back from church and then I can't remember. I was catching up on Ryan's and Hayley's blogs since I was extremely busy for the whole week. And I was planning my super triple awesome adventure this weekend!

If you know this book, Knightley Academy, then you probably know that Robyn Schneider, who wrote it, holds an awesome contest. The task is to shoot a music video to one of four songs about the book, written by YouTube artists. Well, I am going to do this. Or, at least I really really want to. I've got some ideas, they don't seem that brilliant though (I'm not a master at video making) but basically this is going to be great fun. I've got an awesome location to shoot and if only my friend, Aleksandra, would like to go with me on this adventure, we might do this :) So I'm waiting for her response; if she can go this Saturday, we're going to have a great weekend. It takes 2 hours by bus to get there and there is a great museum there and there are lagers. Yes. LAGERS. How cool is that? I'm so excited! The only thing I worry about is my camera. It can store 40 minutes of footage maximum and it's not like the battery would last that long anyway. But we'll see. I'm so excited! Did I mention I'm excited?

I am also so happy with the fact that I have to bear only 8 more days at school, then it's Easter, then I go to school for 3 days and again 9 days OFF. So I just have to survive this week.

What is more, I have loads of creative outlets to consume my energy and excitement. The first thing is this contest, but then there will be a whole avalanche of creativity. Excited!

Wow, that was a distinctly long post taking into account its lack of content. I just can't get a grip on myself today. I'm so excited that I don't know what to do with myself. I will be getting back tomorrow with a proper post. I feel like blaah. Did I tell you I just went totally bananas dancing around my room, lipsyncing to "Can't Be Tamed?". That 's what's happening in my head.
I need to think what to wear tomorrow, reply to people on YourPants, make some cocoa and then maybe around midnight start this book for Polish which is due tomorrow. Nice.

Song of the day: Lead Me To The Cross - Hillsong United

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